The following is a list of the supported IT features in it2amk version Alpha 1.0:

Pattern Editor

Feature Supported? Notes
Initial Tempo Yes
Initial Speed Yes
Initial Global Volume Yes
Initial Mixing Volume No
Initial Per-Channel Volume/Panning/Surround Yes
More Than 8 Channels Limited it2amk can process any global effects on channels 9-64 (such as tempo), but anything that would produce sound is completely ignored.

Effect Column:

Effect Name Supported? Notes
Axx Set Speed Yes
Bxx Position Jump Yes Will set song loop point in MML if jumping to a previous pattern.
Cxx Pattern Break Yes
D0x Volume Slide Down Yes
Dx0 Volume Slide Up Yes
DFx Fine Volume Slide Down Yes
DxF Fine Volume Slide Up Yes
Exx Portamento Down No
EFx Fine Portamento Down No
EEx Extra Fine Portamento Down No
Fxx Portamento Up No
FFx Fine Portamento Up No
FEx Extra Fine Portamento Up No
Gxx Tone Portamento No
Hxx Vibrato Yes
Ixx Tremor No
Jxy Arpeggio No
Kxy Volume Slide + Vibrato Yes
Lxy Volume Slide + Tone Portamento Partially The volume slide portion of this is implemented. The portamento is not.
Mxx Set Channel Volume Yes
Nxy Channel Volume Slide No
Oxx Sample Offset No
P0x Panning Slide Right No
Px0 Panning Slide Left No
PFx Fine Panning Slide Right No
PxF Fine Panning Slide Left No
Qxy Retrigger No
Rxy Tremolo No
S1x Glissando Control No
S3x Set Vibrato Waveform No
S4x Tremolo Waveform No
S5x Panbrello Waveform No
S6x Fine Pattern Delay No
S70 Past Note Cut No
S71 Past Note Off No
S72 Past Note Fade No
S73 NNA Note Cut No
S74 NNA Note Continue No
S75 NNA Note Off No
S76 NNA Note Fade No
S77 Volume Envelope Off No
S78 Volume Envelope On No
S79 Pan Envelope Off No
S7A Pan Envelope On No
S7B Pitch Envelope Off No
S7C Pitch Envelope On No
S8x Set Panning No
S90 Surround Sound Off Yes
S91 Surround Sound On Yes
SAx High Offset No
SB0 Pattern Loop Start Yes
SBx Pattern Loop Yes
SCx Note Cut Yes
SDx Note Delay Yes
SEx Pattern Delay Yes
SFx Set Active Macro No
T0x Decrease Tempo No
T1x Increase Tempo No
Txx Set Tempo Yes
Uxy Fine Vibrato No
Vxx Set Global Volume Yes
Wxy Global Volume Slide No
Xxx Set Panning Yes
Yxy Panbrello No
Zxx Lowpass Filter No Instead, Zxx controls GAIN.

Volume Column:

Effect Name Supported? Notes
axx Fine Volume Slide Up Yes
bxx Fine Volume Slide Down Yes
cxx Volume Slide Up Yes
dxx Volume Slide Down Yes
exx Portamento Down No
fxx Portamento Up No
gxx Tone Portamento No
hxx Vibrato Depth No
pxx Set Panning Yes
vxx Set Volume Yes

Sample Editor

Feature Supported? Notes
Looped Samples Yes
Ping-Looped Samples Yes Ping-loop will be "unrolled" and looped portion of sample will be twice as large in ARAM.
Sustain Loops No
16-bit Samples Yes
8-bit Samples Yes
Mono Samples Yes
Stereo Samples No Stereo samples will be merged into a mono sample.
Unsigned Samples Yes
Signed Samples Yes
Global Volume Yes
Default Volume Yes
Default Panning Yes
C5 Speed/Sample Rate Yes
Compressed Samples No
Sample Vibrato No

Instrument Editor

Feature Supported? Notes
Global Volume Yes
Default Panning Yes
Fade Out Partially Works for quicker fades. Longer fades may cause bugs.
Pitch/Pan Separation Yes
Random Volume Variation No
Random Panning Variation No
Reso Filter No
Cutoff Filter No
New Note Actions No Note Cut Only.
Duplicate Check/Action No
Multi-sampled Instruments Yes AMK still has to change instrument depending on pitch. Could bloat insert size in some cases.
Volume Envelopes Partially it2amk will try to approximate hardware ADSR values for volume envelopes. This means that some envelope shapes can't be approximated accurately, however.
Panning Envelopes No
Pitch Envelopes No
Filter Envelopes No
Envelope Loops No
Envelope Sustain Loops Partially Volume only.
Envelope Carry No