1. Install python 3.4 (or any later version of 3.x. Earlier versions of 3.x may also work but they are untested.):
2. Open up your python directory. Rename "python.exe" to "python3.exe".
3. Copy the path of your python directory and add it to your Windows PATH environment variable.
4. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (Or any later version).

Converting to MML

1. Open cmd.
2. Type: cd "path to it2amk folder"
3. Type: python3 ""
4. A file named "your_module.mml" should appear in the music folder, along with a folder named "your_module" in the samples folder, containing all the necessary .brr files.
5. Your song is all ready to be inserted with AddMusicK! Simply copy the mml file over to AMK's music folder, and your "your_module" folder over to AMK's sample folder, add your_module.mml to AddMusic_list.txt, and run AMK.

Using it2amk.bat

Instead of typing multiple commands to run the converter, run AMK, and play your SPC, it2amk.bat allows you to do all of that in a single cmdline command!
All you have to do is the following:
1. Copy the entire it2amk folder into your AddMusicK folder. (Works with the original or the beta) (Merge any folders if Windows prompts you.)
2. Place any modules you want to convert into the modules folder.
3. Add the filenames of the modules you want to convert to Addmusic_list.txt, with .mml as the extension (So for example, if your file was named, you would add goose.mml to the list.)
4. Grab an AMK-prepared ROM and rename it "music.smc".
5. Type it2amk.bat "your_module". Do not add the .it extension to the module name. Do not prefix it with the modules folder. If your file is, you type it2amk.bat goose
6. That's it! If all goes well, you should get an SPC in a few seconds.